"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting."

i'm angelique, or angie, future conqueror of the world. i'd kill a man for mozzarella sticks though to be fair i'd kill a man for plenty of reasons. kristen bell is the light of my life. few things impress me. zachary quinto's eyebrows fall under this category of "few things." i'm a much greater person than i give myself credit for. harry potter, lost, and veronica mars are but a few of my great loves. i have a deep obsession with the marauders and the black family. someday the world will fall at my feet.

description by: witbending (patty)




"nah we can’t have female leads or characters of colour or gay characters or else our show will bomb"



All three of Shonda’s show have some of the highest ratings on television period, yet people will still find away to argue that more white people need to be on tv


when you try your best but don’t succeed



also all the marauders died saving harry even peter


You know, Drake Bell talks a lot of shit for someone who plays a live action Timmy Turner.

Advice for Senior year?


Fight a teacher. It’s your last shot.

emma watson: gets cast as the female lead in one of history's biggest movie franchises
emma watson: spends the next decade slaying as hermione granger
emma watson: manages to flim 8 movies as a teenager AND get amazing grades
emma watson: gets accepted to Brown, an IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY
emma watson: overcomes the struggle of leaving home to go to college overseas
emma watson: completes her degree despite always having to deal with the fact that she's a huge celebrity among regular college students
emma watson: delivers an empowering, wonderfully thoughtful, honest speech about gender equality
emma watson: is intelligent, down-to-earth, kind and sweet
emma watson: is also ridiculously hot
emma watson: is perfect human
crusty men living in their parents basements: shit
crusty men living in their parents basements: i feel so threatened rn
crusty men living in their parents basements: let's leak her nudes
th ♡