"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting."

i'm angelique, future conqueror of the world. i'd kill a man for mozzarella sticks though to be fair i'd kill a man for plenty of reasons. kristen bell is the light of my life. few things impress me. zachary quinto's eyebrows fall under this category of "few things." i'm a much greater person than i give myself credit for. harry potter, lost, and veronica mars are but a few of my great loves. i have a deep obsession with the marauders and the black family. someday the world will fall at my feet.



I will now and forever believe that Morgana Pendragon and Daenerys Targaryen would have been such epic bros. Like they’d just be there bonding over their dragons and how their rightful thrones were stolen by men and ‘Dany, Aithusa’s too small to raze an entire kingdom, can Drogon come help her for a few days’ and ‘Morgana there are sorcerers in the Free Cities who are defying me. Come smite them immediately.’ It would be EPIC. 

Why won’t you love yourself?

— Patty’s reaction to my shipping Arthur and Morgana


Morgana literally spends like half of Season 3 just grinning evilly at people when they look away.


Veronica & Dick


R.I.P to the (more than) 1500 souls who perished on this day on the Titanic 102 years ago


R.I.P to the (more than) 700 survivors. May you al be at peace and with your loved ones once again.

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